Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Massacre

What is being massacred, you ask? Only my pride. I know I shouldn't hate on a day that is supposed to celebrate love. But what started out as a simple mercenary conspiracy amongst florists, candymakers and greeting card companies to make a little extra change has turned ugly in the hands of the women in this country. Now, it has two purposes: to make the male population feel terrible, and for women to one-up all their friends and co-workers. And, a fun side benefit is to lord it over all the single women out there. Last year, I was running an errand and some clerk who I didn't even know asked, 'what did you get for Valentine's?'. Me: 'Um, nothing. I'm single.' Her: 'Really? Too bad. You should really have gotten a date'. Bitch.

Seriously, what is this insane need to make other women feel insignificant and worthless? It is bad enough that I have spent the last 2 days ordering flowers for my mother, buying candy for one kid's class party plus gifts for his teachers, stuff for my kids, and making sure the oldest has proper arrangements to take his girlfriend to dinner. All so I can sit home alone. And, on top of things, NOT a good week for me, lovelife-wise. At all. Do you really have to twist the knife? Isn't this supposed to be a sweet gesture between you and your beloved, not a trophy proving you are better than me?

Anyway, Happy Valentine's to everyone in the spirit of retail. I'll choose to be happy to receive the 'gift of giving'. And, be careful out don't know who you might bruise with your gloating.