Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knee-Deep in the Hoop-blog 2/19/08

I missed a handful of pretty decent college hoops games last night due to my dire medical situation. I was in bed at 8:30 p.m. But, medical experts have upgraded my condition from 'advanced rigor mortis' to simply 'dead', so I am trying to slowly move back toward the land of the living. I saw that Louisville won again, their 6th straight, and I'm going to assume the feat was accomplished without Rick Pitino wearing another white suit a la Colonel Sanders. He wore one in the first half of the Louisville/Georgetown game, but mysteriously came out the second half wearing his usual dark suit. The official line was that he 'spilled a Coke on it'. Right. I like to picture Mrs. Pitino on the cellie telling him to 'take that ridiculous thing off. You look like Boss Hogg's sleazy cousin from Jersey. Those laughs you hear? They are not laughing with you. Trust.'

There's not too many interesting games tonight, but Wednesday night will be huge, especially for the SEC West. My beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs will be on the road at the Devil's Playground, or Oxford, playing Ole Miss. Ole Miss has been struggling lately, but never count out a rivalry game. Ever. Just as importantly, LSU is at Arkansas, who is two games behind Miss. State in the standings. LSU has been surging lately after firing their coach, and the interim coach is a former Bulldog, Butch Pierre. How 'bout a little Bulldog love, my friend? An LSU win in Fayettenam would be a major boost for the Dawgs, as would another road win in Oxford.

I think I will hibernate one more night, then let the hoops begin!