Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Sushi for Me, Thanks. Ever Again.

Being a parent is hard doubt about it. There are no hard and fast rules, no one-size-fits-all handbooks, and all training is, unfortunately, on the job. That being said, I think I've done an okay job, so far. One of the first things you teach your child is to dress him or herself, starting with underwear. And, believe me, when they are a toddler they sometimes forget the drawers so you've got to check. Now, I promised myself that I wouldn't pile on Britney Spears anymore, since mental illness is certainly no laughing matter. And I do think her parents are getting her somewhat under control. But, the last few nights, she has been photographed out and about with no panties on, flashing her goods to the paps. Just like I always make sure my boys have used the potty and brushed their teeth before we leave the house, knowing Brit's history, don't you think Mom and Pop Spears should make sure she is wearing some undies before she hits the door? For everyone's sake? I know it would ruin my dinner if I rolled up on that peepshow at the front door. At a sushi joint, no less. *Ugh* I cannot begin to fathom the embarrassment her boys are going to experience at some can surf the web awful young these days, ya'll.

I'd mention Lindsay Lohan's mom, but it is evident Lindsay grew up in a 'pants-optional' kind of home. So, carry on.