Friday, January 18, 2008

Not Feeling So Foxy

I'm usually pretty philosophical about this being single (probably forever) thing, but lately the universe has been giving me some pretty dire signs.

1. The only situation semi-close to a relationship I'm in right now is, evidently, on indefinite hold while Bachelor #2 (more on the moniker later) decides where his life needs to head right now. A very valid reason, most definitely, but I can't help feeling that if I were to be included in his life when it is figured out, I'd be included now.

2. I am not a cat person. I have a dog. I don't have rodents. Yet lately, I have had cats hanging out at my house every day. We are up to 3 different cats making themselves at home. We don't talk to them, feed them, or in any way make them feel welcome. Yet, they are there. EVERY DAY. Do they smell over 40 and single? Terrifying.

3. At the barber shop yesterday (no, I wasn't getting my hair done 'high and tight'- I took my boys), I was chatting with a gal I graduated high school with. Long, long ago. She is in the Junior Auxillary (you have to say that with your teeth clenched, by the way) and selling tickets to the annual Charity Ball which is coming up soon. We talked kids, working out, recipes, you name it. She kept telling me how great I looked, like a model. Nice gal, good conversation. She tried to sell everyone in the place tickets...but me. I'm sure she didn't want to hurt my feelings about being single. And, obviously, assumed there is no one in sight. Depressing.

4. No one asks 'Are you dating anyone?' anymore. Or even, 'You're not dating anyone, are you?' It's more of a statement-' You're not dating anyone, are you.'

5. The last optimistic thing I was told was, after the announcement of a major automobile manufacturer planning a facility in the area, 'Maybe someone will move here you can date!'. Great. So, I'll have a date in 2011. No rush to shave my legs, I guess.

Oh, well. I guess, barring the 'settling' thing, this is the way it is right now. Maybe I'll feel a little better after hitting Vegas next least I'm not on the pole.