Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year, New Crowds at the Gym

New Year’s Resolutions continue at the gym. I applaud the effort, really. I'm all about health and fitness, I'm the one at the gym 5 days a week. I would just like to mention a couple of suggestions for attire to the newly inspired: Men, easy with the knit shorts. And if you must wear them, please wear the proper underpinnings or you will create a deeply unfortunate situation for the other gym-goers. And if you tuck your shirt in? Really, really unfortunate. Just stop, please. Synthetic fabrics are your friend. Ladies, congrats on your renewed dedication. But, first, get thee to a mall and buy yourself a jog bra. Stat. Not only will your girls thank you, but so will your significant other down the line. I may not be boobalicious, but thanks to Hanes, Jockey, Champion, et al, I do at least still pass the pencil test.

And, really, if you are seriously trying to lose weight, why are you driving around the gym parking lot looking for the CLOSEST SPACE TO THE FRONT DOOR? Is this the gym, or Wal-Mart? Wouldn't a couple of hundred extra feet actually help the cause? I'm just tring to help. Really.