Thursday, December 13, 2007

We'll Make You a Big Star. Literally.

In my opinion, the most disturbing new televison trend (beside high school kids swapping beds like school pics) is the sheer number of medical programs dealing with treating obese people. There are currently at least 4 or so on Discovery Medicine alone. Now, I live in Mississippi, and just by looking around I know that there is unlimited potential there. With the writers on strike, I'm afraid this could be the next craze, and could possibly turn into its own network. Which you KNOW my local Comcast will pick up and put right next to the network showing reruns of 'Who's the Boss' and 'Diagnosis Murder'. I know if they need new subjects, all they have to do is follow me to the market or onto a plane. There will be a potential star either walking in front of me, or sitting next to me. Trust.

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